You’re Hired!

‘I don’t like liars, I don’t like cheats, I don’t like bullshitters, I don’t like schmoozers, I don’t like arse-lickers’ — the immortal words of Lord Sugar explaining his hiring policy.

If The Apprentice is to be believed, the rules of getting a job are: give 110%, put your balls on the line and, of course, don’t find yourself in an interview situation where you have to make a viral video with a group of idiots.

However, we have some rather more practical advice, listing some of the key reasons interviews go wrong. The gist is that unsuccessful candidates often fall down on the ‘soft skills’ side of the interview — but are often surprised when they get feedback to this effect. Avoid the pitfalls: click here for one recruiters advice.


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  1. Student Surveyor 4 years ago

    “It’s sink or swim, and you’ve most probably picked up by now that I don’t do life jackets.” Boom.

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