Career networking: don’t let your Twitter timeline overwhelm you – organise people into relevant lists


Everyone keeps telling you should use social media to progress your career. But if they don’t expand on that advice you’re left wondering what you’re supposed to do and how it can possibly help when the majority of people are just posting about what’s on tv and what nightclub they were in last night? You’ve probably done the same as the majority of other users: followed friends, celebrities and brands you like  then as you start to head towards the job hunting process you’ve added potential employers, mentors and industry news feeds.

Suddenly you’re finding it hard to keep track of who’s who and to make sure you see the updates and news from the people and companies who can launch your career and feed you that all important industry news. Before long you’re left thinking ‘Oh my god, there’s so many tweets on my timeline and I haven’t got a clue what’s going on’. #TopTipTuesday, #TTT – Don’t give up … it’s worth persevering, just being on Twitter and following industry leaders is a great starting point, now you just need to understand how to use it to help your career.

Firstly you should organise the people and companies you are interested in into Twitter ‘lists’ (either public and private – you choose). This way you can easily keep an eye on relevant industry news and career opportunities. Importantly you don’t even have to follow someone in order to add them to your list, just right click on the arrow next to the head icon (on the right hand side of their name) and add them to a list or create a new list.

add to list

For Example: you could create lists for:  fellow students or young graduates, graduate employers, agents in London, agents in the North East, industry news, people you’ve met on the Student Surveyor network site, bloggers etc.

Then the next time you log in, don’t get bogged down with the timeline tweets, click on the cog in the top right hand side of your profile, go to the section marked ‘Lists’, click on the name of the list you have chosen e.g.  ‘Industry News’, ‘Graduate Employers’ etc. and read the latest news and recruitment updates without having to trawl through your other non-career specific tweets.


You will suddenly find Twitter so much more useful. Now you can get on with reading the stuff you want to read rather than being overwhelmed with a mass of your mates updates mixed in with your new business contacts. It also makes it much easier for you to manage and develop your relationships with these companies and people.

Finally make sure you are following @StudentSurveyor on Twitter if you aren’t already.


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