Talking Heads

  1. Thomas 2 years ago

    Really interesting, thanks for doing this Sam

  2. Olivia Munroe 2 years ago

    This is a great insight into working life. Thanks for this, it’s great to be able to play back the bits and watch it in sections

  3. Sam Brown 2 years ago

    Thanks! podcasts coming soon…

  4. Christine Marsden 2 years ago

    Accent ✔️ Northern ✔️ Honest ✔️ Not sure I’d fit into London ✔️ Not sure I’m the right demographic ✔️Struggling to decide between university or apprenticeship ✔️ But after watching the video I think there’s hope for me yet! I really enjoyed this Stephen Marshall interview. This site has been great in helping me decide what to do and now we’re getting to an insight into the views of people in the industry it’s great. Enough gushing, you’ll not get your head to fit on the screen next time ?

  5. Mark Hawthorn 2 years ago

    Found the site through linkedin post …. really useful info.

  6. jessstormontparker 2 years ago

    ??somehow I missed this! Thanks for the insight, I’ve got an interview next week, let’s hope this comes up ha ha!

  7. Thomas 2 years ago

    @sambrown, so dreams can come true …..round about 11:50mins in! Good bye Championship

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