1. What is Student Surveyor?

Student Surveyor is an early career marketplace that provides university students and new graduates with an efficient and effective way to access the network they need to kick start their careers.

2. What problem are you solving and why?

In the last 20 years, despite all the exciting developments on the web, the emergence of social networks and the adoption of mobile devices by all, university students and early career professionals still experience pretty much the same trials, tribulations and challenges in kick starting their careers as they did before. Student Surveyor solves this problem by making an improvement in the quality, speed, cost and efficiency of the connection between students, employers, alumni and industry insiders.

3. What does student surveyor do?

Student Surveyor helps students present themselves in a professional manner, explore their career options, and connect them to the right employers. By joining Student Surveyor’s members can:

  • showcase themselves to potential employers, in a professional manner.
  • network with the right employers or get connected to the right job by participating in student surveyor networking events
  • get insider career tips from other students and mentors

4. Who is student surveyor for?

If you are interested in a career in real estate and an undergraduate or graduate post 2007 you can and should join student surveyor.

5. Why are you doing this?

The founding team at student surveyor is living with the problems facing the majority of university students and new graduates: the high cost of tuition resulting in student loans, the limited availability of jobs and the access to companies and potential mentors. We have been fortunate with our mentors, companies, schools, universities and individuals and what they have done for us. We would like to pass this luck on to our fellow students to help them navigate their way through their early years, get good mentors and start to payoff their loans. Despite all the great social networking, job and recruitment sites out there, we still don’t believe there is one that takes a student-centric approach to starting a career, until now!.

6. What is the student surveyor profile and why is it important?

The student surveyor profile allows you to create your own brand by creating a vibrant personal statement and supplementing the typical CV with the much needed dynamic content that is needed to effectively present yourself to employers and the outside world.

8. How do I join student surveyor?

By registering using the links in the menu above. In addition, employers, students, placement offices and other partners can contact us using the floating envelope on the bottom right hand side of your screen.


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