If you are an employer you should consider joining the student surveyor network whether you have an existing university hiring programme or not. By joining student surveyor you can:

1.      Create a profile for FREE

2.      Get access to a great source of talent: Student Surveyor is assembling in one place, a network of universities and students from all over the UK, to help them kick start their careers. These are motivated and talented men and women who would love to get connected to the right career opportunities from employers like you.

3.      Brand and present yourself to university students and young graduates: We are sure you’ve got this sorted but we are ready and willing to help. We understand what students want to know about companies and how this can be best presented to our community, both as your next generation workforce and as an important audience.

4.      Expand your reach: Even if you have an existing university programme and go to multiple university career fairs, Student Surveyor can expand your reach.

5.       Start a virtual university recruiting programme. For a fraction of the cost of sending a couple of HR people and managers to 5 or 6 campuses for a couple of days a year per event, you can now reach students in the way they expect, in this day and age, to be reached – online, through a network that you have create with them.

6.      Build a relationship with students. Don’t just deal with them once a year, search, follow and track them on Student Surveyor. Ask them if they’d like to follow and track your company through their Student Surveyor profile.

7.      See matching profiles. If you list jobs on Student Surveyor, we will do the work for you. Our tools will sift through profiles and identify students whose profiles match the requirements of your job and of course students and graduates on Student Surveyor can express their interest in these positions through the site.

If you are interested in further information then please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking the envelope on the bottom right hand side  of your screen.

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