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University Faculties. Career Services and Career Development Offices who are looking to provide their students and young alumni with the best possible start should consider becoming part of the student surveyor network. We complement what you do by providing a number of services that help students and young graduates to kick start their careers. Student Surveyors can help you:

1. Present and promote your students in the best way possible. Student Surveyor members can create their own brand page and enhance their CV with personal recommendations and a personal profile. We will do every thing we can to help your students demonstrate their skills, passion, persistence and leadership potential.

2. Attract employers, big and small to interact with your students. We can enable students to reach a wide array of employers and jobs, some of whom may not currently come to your campus including start-ups and smaller companies.

3. Create private groups to interact with your students, young alumni and mentors.

If you are interested in further infomation please don’t hestitate to contact us by clicking on the envelope on the right.


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