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There is no insight better than a ‘by a student, for a student’ review when it comes to finding out what it’s like to work on a placement or work experience for a particular company. So please, please contribute. Our aim is to create real-life student to student advice and not just the blanket advice that is churned out by ‘experts’. By writing a review you will help those students following in your footsteps to make informed choices on where to apply and get added karma points in the process.

It would be useful if you could include details on how busy you were, whether you felt well supported, how much responsibility you were given, how much you were paid, whether there were opportunities to socialise or other interns working with you, any tips you may have on applying and an explanation on the process involved in securing the job.

Your review will be anonymous to ensure you feel free to write an accurate review of your experience, however please be respectful; your contribution should be constructive and not defamatory or abusive!

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by Anonymous on

I shadowed building surveyors and project managers on site and in client meetings, assisting in schedules of conditions, photographs and dilapidation reports as well as making a power point presentation for clients and completing general admin.My Savills placement was friendly and supportive with plenty of opportunities for social events. They also gave company talks and careers advice. My team made me feel included and useful. When taken out on site I was introduced to everyone and involved in the work and discussions. In the office it could be a bit quiet, both in terms of work and chat but as there is a lot for the staff to do and this was just a four week undergraduate placement, this was understandable. The work they did give me was easy to do without too much assistance so I didn't feel under pressure or in the way.The placement clarified what I had learnt at Uni, and why! It was really worth the experience to help me decide what way I wanted my career to go.Another plus was I was paid £1,000 for the four weeks.

by Anonymous on
McDonald's - Property Management Assitant

Started my placement in July 2014 and completed it in July 2015. It was a great experience with a small close knit team.Working on the side of the tenant means that your will go on more corporate events and hospitality, which is always a bonus!I got involved in all aspects of property, from management to licenses to alters and always felt that I had a role to play in the team.There is also 20 other IP's in other departments which have all become friends now. I ended up living with 3 of them near the office and being based in East Finchley it means I was only a short tube trip away from central.You also get a an office gym costing £2.50 a week (comes out of your wages) and free lunches (there is a McDonald's restaurant just for staff in the office!).I had a great year, made new friends, got a year of my APC completed, made great contacts and learnt a lot that will help me with the final year of university. I would highly advise that if you get the opportunity to get on this placement scheme, you seize it!


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