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Employers  on Student Surveyor can access graduate and student Resumes/CVs. By uploading your resume, you will give those employers a chance to find out about you. You can also choose to ‘follow’ that company so they can see that you are particularly interested in working for them.

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1. Spend time on your resume/cv – make sure your passion for real estate comes across, talk about your ability to lead and solve problems, explain what you do like to do outside university, any sporting or teamwork skills you have  and what you could bring to an employer.

2.  Be as thorough as you can when adding details of achievements, jobs, work experience, internships and skills. Make sure that you keep your profile up to date. It will be worth the effort when you get the chance to attract an employer, secure that perfect job, or to find a mentor who will help you to become the next great industry leader.

3.  Where possible make sure you give specific example of persistence, integrity, commercial awareness and discipline.

4.  Be honest – not only will employers check your cv/resume for accuracy, you will also give yourself the best chance of finding the right job, mentor and contacts if you list your true skills.


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