November Newsletter

It’s our official launch.

Student Surveyor is your “personal coach” to guide you through the process of preparing for a career and getting that first job. Not just a static jobs board but a mix of resources – technology, information and human networks (friends,universities, alumni, peers and companies) that can together help you kickstart your career. As your early career marketplace we are here to make sure you

  • Stand out to employers
  • Discover and connect with universities and companies
  • Are prepared for job interviews

We are living in an economy that makes no guarantee of a job just because you have a degree. We are often lead to believe that if you get the grades, and you can demonstrate yourself as a qualified professional in your chosen field, then you will have no problem securing a job. Unfortunately, it may not be that easy. Today, it’s all about the connections you make.

Look at the music business. How many times have you seen a talented musician busking on the streets and wondered why they haven’t made it big, yet think how many auto-tuned pop stars are in the top 40 charts? The answer is many. The reason: most of the time, these superstars found a powerful connection in the music business early in their career. Check out other Student Surveyor members and get connecting.

With social media and the web making it easier than ever for potential employers to research the people they are considering hiring, it’s essential for students and new graduates to be proactive when it comes to their professional reputation. Developing and maintaining a strong personal brand is an effective way to ensure that potential employers are getting the right impression about you. To start investing in your personal brand, follow our recommendations and upload a professional photograph to your profile. Doing so will set you apart from the intense competition that exists in todays job market. Read more …..


Commercial Awareness – Every employers wants it… But what is it?


I have attached a copy of the RICS recently released research (Commercial_Awareness_Graduates_090413_dwl_aj) that examines how and to what extent real estate courses equip graduates with commercial awareness. Commercial awareness is one of the skills that graduates need to demonstrate if they are going to secure that placement or graduate …

Read more.


The Top Graduate Employers – according to The Guardian’s Graduate UK 300


The 2013/2014 Graduate UK 300 has just been released by the Guardian newspaper. Involving over 23,000 students and 106 universities, it is the largest and most comprehensive guide to the 300 most popular graduate employers according to student opinion.

The league table is usefully broken down into both student …

Read more.

Jobs: Discover, Not Just Search

Regardless of where or what you study, it is not easy to find your passion, explore your options and get your first job. There are plenty of job sites, tools and blogs to help you, but they don’t really work because they don’t really look out for you – they’re just “tools”.

If you are looking to launch a career as a surveyor, we want

to fix that. All of that.

We want to create ONE PLACE.

  • where students find everything they could ever get to understand their options, discover companies, prepare for interviews, and get connected to the right people, leading up to a great first job.
  • where you’ll find everything tailor made for YOU.
  • where you’ll go back and help other students like yourself.

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