Just when you thought nothing could TRUMP the BREXIT result…


So here we are again, very similar to the morning of the 23rd June 2016, I woke up to the world in shock at a result which many are calling a political revolution in the free world. Although like BREXIT I had a feeling this would be the result – why? The poll ‘experts’ continue to live in their establishment bubbles (in this case London and Washington DC), discussing it with their likeminded friends and colleagues. What they fail to realise is the discontent of people outside their metropolitan lives. The mobility of this demographic combined with the laziness and immobility of our millennial generation means we have ourselves to blame! It is all very well tweeting and protesting, but unless you go and vote, you are wasting your time.

So anyway, with that rant over – what does this mean? Well the honest answer is nobody knows. This is a man who has never held a position in office. A man who has said he will ban a religion entering the US (quite how you do that, I am yet to figure out). However, if we are searching for positives, he is a fan of the UK apparently. Then again he is also a fan of Vladimir Putin, so to say we are keeping good company is probably not true! Since he has been elected the dollar has fallen against almost all currencies, which for us could mean less investment into the UK real estate. Furthermore markets are down across the board with the FTSE down 2% and NIKKEI down 5%. To be honest with you things aren’t looking great! Having said that we have to remember as much as Trump may wish it to be, the US is not a dictatorship. The Senate and Congress, although the majority is Republican, will not allow him to have free running in his leadership.

However I would like to make it very clear that neither option was good. Hilary Clinton is a figure who is embroiled in controversy, whether that be doing speeches to Goldman Sachs for $250,000 or trade deals with countries that have made significant contributions to her foundation. Both of the options were shocking and where the world moves forward from here I’m not too sure… Probably by starting that wall that the Mexicans better get saving for.

  1. Hamish McKenzie 2 years ago

    On the plus side Trump has stated when it comes to trade deals Britain would take priority over European countries. The Clinton camp was far more cagey saying there would be no new trade agreements, unless they create American jobs, raise wages and improve national security. Let’s see if he keeps his promise

  2. Christine Marsden 2 years ago

    Maybe we have just jumped from the sinking EU ship and this may be our head start on negotiations before the EU collapses and the other governments are left scrabbling in the ruins for their own deals. Or maybe not…

  3. Ru Herrington 2 years ago

    Pharmaceuticals and Defence shares rallying – maybe everyone else with anything else will dump their shares for property and avoid a Trump Slump! Glad we’re a bunch of optimists … Let’s hope we’re not too misguided!

    • Alex Hall 2 years ago

      Not all of us! This looks messy to me. If bond yields rise on the back of this then the gap between them and property yields looks even more unattractive. I predict a Trump Slump.

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