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New to Student Surveyor?  Here Are Some Things To Get You Started!

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We are really excited that you have joined the Student Surveyor Community, an academic social network and early career platform for real estate students, young graduates, administrators, staff, universities, companies, and alumni. The site offers members the chance to present themselves in a professional manner to prospective employers and connect with fellow students from across the UK. As soon as you login for your profile image will appear as a small round icon in the top right-hand side of the menu.

The Student Surveyor community can be used to:

  • Create a personal profile and explore the community. You can now add a personal profile picture so others can identify you and a cover image that represents you or your interests.
  • Join or create public and private groups to facilitate collaboration and communication with students in your university or others across the UK.
  • Set up blogs to promote yourself, events, and conferences.
  • Search for jobs, bookmark your favourites and create alerts sent directly to your email account.


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Now that you are a member of the Student Surveyor community, here are some things you can do to make the most of the experience:

  • My Network – Use the ‘Add Contacts’ tab to make connections with people who share your interests.  Search by names, universities or other keywords.  Help us grow by inviting your class mates who are not currently a part the Student Surveyor Community.
  • Join and Create Interest Groups –As a Student Surveyor member, you can join groups to reflect your interests.  Explore the groups, get involved and start a group of your own.
  • Start a Blog – Blogging allows you to share your voice with the Student Surveyor community.  By clicking on ‘My Articles’, listed at the top of your profile, creating your own blog is easy.  So promote yourself, contributing to our blogging community and share your placement diary, interests and  passions.
  • Search or Post Jobs – As a student, the whole point of a degree is to secure your dream job. As an employee, the purpose is to connect with and secure the best new talent available. By clicking on ‘My Job Manager’, listed at the top of your profile, students and new graduates can search under ‘jobs’, add bookmarks to their favourite listings and set up ‘alerts’ to keep you informed of any relevant new postings; employees can post new jobs and connect with new talent.
  • Learn About Your Notification Options –Your notification options are found in ‘Settings’ in your profile tab.  From ‘Settings’ you can also change the email address and password associated with your account.
  • Follow Us on Twitter – Find us on Twitter and stay up to date with the latest industry news with Student Surveyor.
  • Explore our Support Options – Our ‘Help’ tab provides tips and helpful solutions to frequently asked  questions.
  • Give Us Feedback – Click on the floating envelope on the bottom right of your screen to share your experience and suggest how we can improve the site.  The Student Surveyor team is dedicated to building a site that is directed by our members.  Your voice contributes to our development priorities. So if you need further assistance or have suggestions on how we can improve the site please send us some feedback and help us decide which features are most useful and/or interesting to you.

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