Halloween’s A Comin’

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Halloween is nearly here and I thought I’d share my favourite Halloween drinks and pumpkin carvings. Enjoy!


Eyeball punch:


eyeball punch


Vodka, Gin or any clear spirit of your choice.

Cranberry juice

Lime juice

Tin of lychees



Make ‘eyeballs’ by stick a blueberries into the hole of each lychee and freeze for about an hour. Mix liquid add lychees. Drink!


Green Goblin:


green goblin


Equal quantities of cider and lager (don’t stir too much or you’ll make it flat)

Dash of Blue Curacao (to make it go green – if you are short of cash use a splash of  food colouring or blackcurrant juice and rename!)


Pumpkin Decorations:


halloween 1

Cannibal Pumpkin

halloween 2

Chavy Pumpkins

halloween 4#

Baby Eating Pumpkin

halloween 6

Fast Food Pumpkin

halloween 8

The Morning After Pumpkin

halloween 9

Drowning Pumpkin

halloween on a budget

 Budget ‘Pumpkins’

happy halloween

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  1. Thomas 2 years ago

    I hadn’t seen this article before ???

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