Early career student surveyors make their own luck – with help from the internet

For the past couple of years I’ve been working on building an online early career network dedicated to understanding the societal implications of the internet on launching your career and securing your first full-time graduate position.

We have currently just launched our new look blogging platform for early career students and graduates, highlighting the career benefits of staying open minded and connected.  Every member now has their own jobs board within their personal profile page, where they can bookmark jobs they like and create alerts for new incoming jobs. They can also submit their own articles to our blog to promote themselves and expand their industry reach. In addition members can now add a cover photo, a unique image that represents who you are or what you care about, as well as a profile picture, so that people can recognise you . Most importantly you can connect with others, create your own groups and check and contribute to university, assessment day, interview and placement reviews.

How did I get here? After finishing my degree, I started as a graduate surveyor with CBRE, in London. However, when I was applying for my placement year and final year jobs, it was a process of trial and error that gave me the insight I needed to successfully get through the process. This got me thinking about how much easier the process could be if there was one site that allowed employers, universities and students to collaborate and share their learnt resources. It seemed as clear to me then as it does now, that a lot of these changes could be empowered through the use of the ubiquitous medium of digital technology.

The pace of applying for graduate jobs is fast, but new tools and technologies have opened up new methods to connect. The internet now offers us the ‘network of networks’ – a critical 21st century infrastructure. It reshapes our access to the world and extends new opportunities. Studentsurveyor.com offers students the chance to connect with those who have a shared area of interest and expertise, not just within their own uni but right across the UK. This leads to non-traditional but powerful impacts and connections.

If this all sounds a touch too utopian, I should say that, of course, not all of digital changes have been positive but they do in my view outweigh the negatives and particularly apply to early career graduates and students. Access to online resources, networks and social media have the potential to transform the career seeking process, allowing both students and employers to reach out and participate in career networks more often, more easily and more dynamically than ever before. This creative use of social media allows graduates and students to build up their professional reputation much sooner in their career.

In the current climate, where competition for jobs has never been keener and with an array of new technologies at our fingertips, it is more important than ever to keep an open mind about the path ahead and to take advantage of every opportunity. Sometimes in life, you have to make your own luck as you develop your career. So why not join us to offer or gain access to the latest insights, comments and advice for students wishing to launch a career as a surveyor.

As we progress with our plans for industry focused events and our revamped new site, we need your help to fulfil our role as an active and informed shaper of an increasingly networked world. We are looking for sponsors, collaborators and university ambassadors to move forward with us. If you are interested, please email me at sambrown@studentsurveyor.com.

  1. Ali Moore 3 years ago

    @studentsurveyor @sambrown @alexc – great idea. Thanks for the advice and reviews, it’s really useful.

  2. Hamish McKenzie 3 years ago

    Cool site

  3. Author
    Student Surveyor 3 years ago

    Thanks Ali and Hamish, we’re glad you like it. Don’t forget to spread the word 🙂

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