About Activity Streams

About Activity Streams

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Activity Streams are a similar concept to Recent Activity in Facebook.

They are populated by the various Student Surveyor components so that blog posts, friend requests, joining groups, topics/replies posted in groups, status updates, profiles changes and any other activities are automatically recorded into the activity streams.

Members can use activity streams to follow activity site wide, just for their friends, or just for their groups, and to track @username mentions of their username (similar to Twitter).

Activity - profileYou can also reply to any activities as simply as:

  1. Click on Comment
  2. Write your message
  3. Click on Post


Navigating the Activity Pages

Under your profile ‘Activity’ there are seven different Activity pages (you can also use the ‘My Home’ page in the main header):

  1. All Activity – activity of all members, right across the site
  2. Personal – your most recent activities
  3. Mentions – most recent activities that include the use of  an @ followed by the person’s username (this may be different from the members actual name and can be found on the members profile page e.g. @studentsurveyor)
  4. Favourites – most recent activities that you have marked as favourite
  5. Groups – most recent activities in groups you belong to
  6. Following – most recent activities of your members you are following
  7. Friends – most recent activities of your friends

activity streams

Writing Status Updates using your Personal Activity page

Above the ‘Activity’ listings on your personal profile page or at the top of the ‘My Home’ page is a text box where you can provide a quick status update directly onto your activity stream — works similar to posting an update in Facebook or Twitter.

You can use it to tell others what you are currently doing, ask a question that other members will see or share helpful tips.

Posting an update is as simple as:

  1. Write your update
  2. Click Post Update

post updateYou can also add a link, image or video. To add a link, simply write your text first, then click the links icon, paste your URL link into the box, click preview then add link:


To add a video, click on the film strip icon and to add an image, click on the camera icon.

If you wish to add your location or post your student surveyor post into your Twitter feed you need to sync your Twitter. You can read how to do this here

About the Favourites Activity page

When you see something in an activity stream you like, you can mark it as a Favourite by clicking on the star — this lets the author know you like their post and it also means you can easily refer to back to it later.



How @username Mentions Activity page works

@ in front of a member’s username is a unique identifier for that person. If you use it within any message, comment or post within the site, that user will then be sent a notification and a link to where it was used.

Works on a similar principles to @replies in Twitter except it detects it’s use anywhere across the entire site such as comments on posts, replies in activity streams and status updates.


Sorting and filtering listings on the Activity pages

Each Activity page lists the most recent updates.  On the right hand side of each activity page you can sort and filter the Activities listings on that page.

Filter options are:

  1. Everything – this is the default option providing no filter and shows all the activity across the site
  2. Updates – displays just members updates
  3. Posts –  displays list of recent blog posts
  4. Comments – displays recent blog comments
  5. New Groups – displays newly created Groups
  6. Group Memberships – displays new members to Groups
  7. Friendships – displays newly created friendships between members
  8. New Members – displays members who have recently joined the site
  9. Show Twitter – displays posts that have been created by members syncing their Twitter feeds
  10. New Docs– displays documents that have been created
  11. Doc Edits – Changes that have been made to documents
  12. Doc Comments – Comments that have been made to documents



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