6 Ways to Attract Recruiters to Your Student Surveyor Profile

Like it or not, people will judge you on their first impression. If you haven’t already uploaded a photograph or your profile page consists of just the basic information, you could miss out on potential career building connections.

first impressions

Here are the most common profile mistakes and how to avoid or fix them.

Mistake 1: Having an unprofessional profile picture. Or not having one at all.

If your profile picture is of one of you in a club with your mates then it probably isn’t professional enough and maybe more suited to Facebook. However the biggest mistake  is if you have failed to post one at all. If you still using one of our standard avatars then you’re doing yourself no favours. Putting a face to a name helps to establish trust. Not showing your face sells your personal brand short and can even make your profile appear fake.

Solution: Post a clear photograph of yourself.

Profile pic

Do not get Student Surveyor and Facebook confused. Facebook is for personal pictures, Student Surveyor is for professional ones. Use a recent high-resolution photograph, headshots are good. Don’t dilute your personal brand by posting an out of focus selfie. Stand against a plain wall and ask a friend to take a photograph of you. The perfect size for your student surveyor profile avatar is 150 X 150 (pixels).

Mistake 2: You haven’t put any thought into your profile about me text.

Filling out the about me section of your Student Surveyor profile is crucial if you want to pop up in search results.

Solution: Let recruiters know what you are studying and what you are looking for.

looking for

The profile fields play a really important part in your self promotion because the words contained in your profile are used to filter the results for search terms and key words in the members search box. You are more likely to be found by recruiters and hiring managers if you include the skills they may require, your graduation date and whether you are looking for placements, jobs or a university place. If you’re looking for a job make sure potential employers know what you’re looking for.

Mistake 3: Not adding your work history.

This is your online career footprint explaining your experience to people checking out your profile. If you don’t add your work history, you’re not letting people know what you’ve already achieved.

Solution: Fill out the work experience section on your profile, let people know you have employment experience and potential. If you have written a blog add a link to what you have written. Blogs can demonstrate that you are aware of what is happening in the industry and you can add one to the Student Surveyor blog page by submitting it through ‘My Articles’ in your profile side bar. You can also upload image, video, audio, document and presentation files to your Student Surveyor profile page to further showcase any examples of your work.


This is one time when it’s okay to blow your own trumpet.

Mistake 4: Your profile contains typing errors

We accept it is hard to proof read your own work but this should be a given. You need to make sure you take the time to check your spelling and that capital letters are in the right place. If you want to be recruited, it’s obviously imperative that you spell company names and job titles correctly.


Solution: Be as careful with your Student Surveyor profile as you would be with a job application and CV.

Mistake 5:  You’re not communicating with people through the Student Surveyor Groups

It may seem a little strange to message people you don’t know on Student Surveyor but they may well have already completed the thing that’s stressing you out in which case they may also have the answer to your problem.


Solution: It is really easy to privately or publicly message any Student Surveyor member. A shared group can however help break the ice. If there isn’t a group you fancy joining why not set your own up and invite other members to join? Alternatively leave a message in one of our forums. Whatever you choose make sure you communicate and network with others, ours is a very sociable profession.

Mistake 6: You aren’t using your unique Student Surveyor URL, or Web address to promote yourself

We know that a profile link signature that is made up with numbers and irrelevant text looks terrible. So we have customised your URL to match your username e.g. studentsurveyor.com/joebloggs. If you are unhappy with your username you can email us using the contact form at the bottom of the website and providing it is not already being used, we will change it to your preferred choice.


Solution: Make sure you have a professional username and then let people know you’re here by adding your student surveyor personal URL to your CV, blog, Twitter account and email signature.


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